There was a time when the only guide used to show us the way but soon the human was replaced by the Google and GPS became the lifeline of the people traveling across the world. But soon the GPS will be replaced by more intelligent and fast-paced VPS (Visual Positioning System) and the doors to unlimited possibilities will be opened in front of you. Now, what is this VPS and how it is going to replace the GPS lets take a look into it in this article… 
A shocking incident came to light- a man’s stupidity and inhumanity was shown through a selfie image which has gone viral on media.  On Tuesday afternoon, 10th July, while an accident had taken place in Barmer, Rajasthan with three men lying on the ground, a man was seen taking a selfie with the victims’ bodies than helping them or calling for an ambulance.
After the amount of unknown phone calls from fraudsters posing as SBI bank staff asking for card details from people, a Delhi-based gang was busted on July 8, 2018. The gang had allegedly cheated 2000 SBI credit card holders. The Cyberabad police in New Delhi have arrested the 30 people involved in the gang, out of which 22 were Tele-callers.
Following the announcement from WhatsApp regarding the launch of a new feature to curb the circulation of fake news, a YouTube video which is a part of the malicious campaign against the jewelry store in Kerala went viral causing them a loss of Rs. 500 crore to the company. According to India Today, Kerala-based Kalyan Jewellers has claimed that fake news on social media led to suffering the loss of business. They have moved to the Kerala High Court seeking supervision of social media websites.
WhatsApp, the widely used chat application across the globe has captured the world of social media. We completely rely on WhatsApp for work, communication, and news. Yes news, you heard it right. More than TV, we believe on WhatsApp news (forwards). People who are well versed with the application ignore it but some really take the content seriously.