The saying, Speed Trills but it Kills, perfectly fits here. The young lad perhaps had no idea, when he took his fathers brand new car that was not even registered with the RTO for a joyride that it will be his last ride in that car. The reason behind the tragic accidents is said to be the excessive speeding of a car which resulted in the crash…

The brand new, unregistered Skoda car was in a completely wreaked condition after the deadly accident took place at Thiruvananthapuram on Thursday night, following the speeding car has driven by the 21-year-old Adarsh SP rammed into the rickshaw at around 10.45pm.

Sources have revealed that the fireman had to cut open the vehicle to extricate the body of the passengers from the car. The driver of the car, Adarsh 21, had supposed to have lost control over the brand new Skoda car due to high speed, said the police sources.

21-year-old Adarsh had been admitted to the hospital in a highly critical condition on Thursday night, had succumbed to his injuries in the early morning on Friday, said the sources. Three lady occupants of rickshaw on which the speeding car had rammed are in critical condition and two of them have been admitted to the ICU, said the sources.

The brand new Skoda car was completely damaged in the accident. The police sources have informed that the car was driven at an excessive speed so much so that driver lost the control over the vehicle when he saw the rickshaw taking U-turn. “The driver tried to avoid an auto-rickshaw taking a U-turn. The driver lost control and smashed into a pole.” The car had only temporary registration plate on it at the time of an accident which always amounts to the crime.

The overspending does not alone risks the life of a driver but, it also results in the tragic circumstances for the people in the surrounding. The strict action against the culprits is the only way to control the road accidents in our country. Here, in this case, the culprit is no more, and hence the action needed to be initiated against the family members of the deceased, who allowed him to take the car out without registration. Please do not forget to leave your valuable comments on this serious issue.



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