A new development has been made on the Burari Mass Suicide case that had occurred on 1st July 2018. The dead bodies of the entire Bhatia family were found hanging from the ceiling. In the previous investigations conducted by the police, a note had been recovered from the crime scene that stated – ‘Have to Meet God’.  We have also come across various details from the earlier news on how the family was religious, the police found 11 people hanging and the diary with all the rituals mentioned. People had even assumed the case to be a certain ritual followed by the family. The police had doubted the suicide to be a murder.  (Read more on TimeMail)

However, from the recent developments of the investigation, CCTV footage has been found from the neighbour’s house.  The footage has become an answer to many doubts on the case. The theory of a mass murder has been ruled out in the investigation since most of the evidence points towards a suicide. Let us see what are the details found through the investigation that makes this case a suicide…

According to Free Press Journal, the CCTV footage gained by police shows a woman of the family bringing in the five stools used in the mass hangings – exactly at 10 pm on Saturday. This was the part of the script mentioned in the diaries found at the house. The footage shows that the family voluntarily took steps for mass suicide.

The Burari Women carrying Stools 

CCTV Reports:

The in-depth information from the CCTV footage are as follows:
10 pm Saturday: Neetu (Bhavnesh’s daughter) and her mother are carrying four stools towards their house.

Around 10:35 pm: Shubham (Lalit’s son), accepts food from the delivery boy. He then heads out to the plywood shop on the ground floor picking up an electric wire bundle.

Around 10:39 pm: Shubham walks back upstairs.

Around 10:57 pm: Bhavnesh comes out of the house with the family’s pet dog Jacky. He takes the pet for a walk.

Around 11:04 pm: Bhavnesh returns with the dog.

According to the autopsy report mentioned on TOI, the time of death is around 1 am.
Hindustan Times gives further details of the footage that shows the happenings on Sunday when the dead bodies were discovered. They are as follows:

5.56am: A supply truck stops outside the house. Some men leave milk and bread crates outside the grocery shop.

6.03am: Truck driver reverses the vehicle in the lane and leaves.

7.14am: A neighbour – identified as Gurcharan Singh – enters Bhatias’ home. He comes rushing out within 30 seconds after finding the 11 bodies.

It turns out what people denied of the mysterious case being a suicide actually is true after all. A firm conclusion hasn’t been made yet, this is just a proof found at the moment by the Delhi Police Crime Branch. The CCTV footage has been sent for forensic analysis to find out if it had been tampered by anyone.

Proof and evidence:

According to TOI, the CCTV along with the autopsy report will be crucial pieces of evidence for police. The shop from which the stools were bought has also been traced. The owner confirmed that two women had bought four black stools from him.

The police say that the wires were hung from a grill in a manner that could be managed only by an insider who had access to the roof. There were five stools found, hence it has been noted that the family members shared the stools. All the members had their eyes covered and mouths taped, except for Lalit’s wife Teena. Apparently, she may have tied up the rest.

According to Times News, information accessed by the Delhi Police includes diary entries made by Lalit, call records of family members, internet browsing history, CCTV footages and other such documentary records pointing towards a spiritual angle that may have compelled the family to commit ‘mass suicide’ while performing a ‘ritual’ Lalit guided them to perform.

Through the CCTV footage, it has been brought to a conclusion that all the members were well aware of the ritual. However, no rigid statement has been made to conclude the case as a suicide. The police are vigorously working on the investigations. There could be many more angles to this case. Though the CCTV footage and a number of proofs may have supported the mass suicide theory, the fact lying in suspense is the agreement amongst all the family members to die. There is in no way all the members might have agreed to commit the suicide. The police are investigating this absurd behaviour of the family that states the theory of a shared psychotic disorder.

This is one of the most mysterious cases heard at all times; the house in which the family committed the mass suicide has come to be known as ‘The House of Horror’. The case shook the nation and many people are waiting for answers.

More updates on the case will be provided once the investigation is complete. Please share your views.


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