One should not always believe in the news spread by unreliable sources on the social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook cause lot of miscreants make use of these platforms to spread the fake news to create the sensation. The recent news of the spread of NIPAH virus through chicken in a Hoax and no such test had been conducted in the Manipal Hospital, said the sources in the hospital.

It is the fact that the victims of Nipah virus have been found in Manipal and it was confirmed by the authorities too, and the spread of virus happened through Bats, but the recent viral post on the WhatsApp messaging platform starred spreading wrong information about the testing of chicken positive to NIPAH virus in the hospital in Manipal.

According to the report published by Vartha Bharti English edition the news of the NIPAH virus spreading through chicken in completely wrong and misleading. The online news channel has called this news a Hoax spread on the social media platform by some miscreants.          

Manipal Centre for Virus Research head and Prof Dr. Arun Kumar on Thursday clarified that a hoax has been doing rounds in the social media that the source of Nipah virus is poultry chicken and no chicken was tested in the Manipal center.

The center has been toiling to find out the root of the virus and containing it from spreading. But some miscreants have misused the name of the center to spread rumors saying that ‘source of Nipah virus is poultry chicken and doctors of the Manipal Institute of Virology have confirmed it’. Through this, wrong information is being given to the public, he said.

No chicken was tested related to Nipah virus in the center and confirmed about the virus. The center has already lodged a complaint at Cyber Crime Police station at Udupi to take action against those who have been spreading the message in the social media, Dr. Arun Kumar said.

The Time Mail Team would like to appeal to the people to not fall prey to the wrong information, and to stop spreading such information on the social media. We should not believe on any information unless it has been backed up by the reliable sources.



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