More than two-three cases of rape are reported everyday in the country. India has become unsafe for women and girls to move around freely. In a shocking incident reported on Friday morning, a Bihar girl approached the police station claiming that she was allegedly raped by her school principal, two teachers and 15 schoolmates over the past eight months.

The 13-year-old girl in the 9th STD studied at Dipeshwar Bal Gyan Niketan, a private school in Parsagarh village.  After SP Hari Kishore Rai received the complaint from her, he directed DSP Ajay Kumar Singh and SHO of Mahila police station- Indira Rani to carry out a detailed investigation in this case.

On filing the complaint yesterday morning, the police had doubts on whether the girl was lying. But, after a thorough investigation, it was known that the poor girl was simply oppressed and scared to speak of the rape incident. She was also blackmailed after the first rape incident at school, thus making her weak to approach the police.

According to Hindustan Times, the first information report registered by the police states that the girl was gang-raped by three schoolmates in the school washroom in December 2017. The accused persons shot a video of the rape and threatened to make the video public if she reported the matter to anyone at school or home. Even after the girl kept it to herself, the accused people shared the video among the other school friends. Soon the video also reached teachers and the principal.

According to police reports, SP Rai said, “The poor girl went on succumbing to the desires of other boys and two teachers in possession of the video.”

The girl being shamed of the viral video among the many in the school, she finally decided to take the matter to the principal. Sadly, it was terrifying to know from the police that the school principal Uday Kumar alias Mukund Singh cautioned the girl to keep silent from exploiting the school name.  The situation turned even worse when the girl was called after school one day and raped by her principal.

According to Outlook India, the girl had reported that the blackmail began ever since her father was in jail in the time period of last year. The blackmail continued with an increased number total 18 people raping her.

The police have arrested 4 accused that includes the principal (Uday Kumar), teacher (Balaji) and two other students.  The others are still to be caught and arrested according to the names mentioned by the victim. SP Rai assured that a team has been formed led by Chapra Sadar DSP to probe the case and arrest all the culprits.

The nation has been doomed by such incidents that happen with women. Sometimes many cases are even unnoticed and the accused roam around freely. In a time where, brothers rape sisters, fathers rape daughters, and teachers (who are considered as a guru) rape students; whom should a girl trust? In such circumstances, a girl is not safe anywhere.

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