You must have heard the stories about the existence of dacoits in the olden days and how they used to come and loot the people in the broad daylight but with the time the existence of the dacoits was completely washed out by the police. No, Wait, the dacoits are still there but now they come on the motorbikes and rob the people on the gunpoint and police comes at the end just like in movies. In one such incident, two jewelers from Mathura were shot dead by the six armed robbers in the busy market areas and the entire scene had been recorded in the CCTV cameras.

According to the reports published by the IANS news agency, Two traders, Vikas and Megh Agarwal – were gunned down by six armed robbers who entered their shop Mayank Chain, in the Koylawali Gali, in the busy market area of Holi Gate on Monday night. The sources further said that the jewelers have voiced concern after two traders were shot dead in Mathura by six people who escaped with gold worth Rs 4 crore.

This is not the only incident of the loot that took place, according to the sources, one more jeweler was shot at in Agra and valuables worth Rs 8 lakh looted. The Director General of Police (DGP) Sulkhan Singh who was not in the town is expected to reach Mathura on Wednesday to assess the law and order situation. On Tuesday, traders came out on the streets in large numbers and demanded the arrest of the culprits.


In the CCTV footage, it is clearly seen that the six robbers laced with the arms have forced themselves inside the jewelry shop and attacked the people inside the premises. According to the sources, the attackers opened fire and wounded four people in this incident. All the injured were rushed to the hospital where Megh (30) and Vikas (30) were declared brought dead. Their post-mortem examination report revealed that Megh was shot in the head while Vikas was hit by a bullet in the chest. Ashok, Mayank, and a third victim are under treatment.

According to the sources, on the receipt of information about the attack, SSP Mathura Vinod Kumar Mishra rushed to the spot. “The DGP will hold a meeting in Mathura at 1.30 pm on Wednesday,” said Mishra.                   


In yet another event of Dacoity, at around 8 pm two unidentified persons entered and opened fire, injuring the owner, who was rushed to a private nursing home. The CCTV cameras showed five persons on two motorbikes. The shop owner Dinesh Agrawal is in a serious condition with a bullet injury on his thigh and another on his stomach, family members said. The armed bandits disappeared with a booty of around Rs 8 lakh in a bag, the police said.




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